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Customer Service – Acosy Bumpers are the first to design this shape of foam bed guard bumper using COTSAFE foam. The Bumpers just lay under your fitted bottom sheet along the edge of the mattress to provide a soft but firm barrier that reduces the risk of your child rolling out of their big bed!

Our AWARD WINNING products have been endorsed by Bizzie Babies and Slummy Mummies who loved our Bumper and Wedges, as so do our customers.

We are also certified members of the Baby Product Association (BPA), this is an organisation established in 1945 with the objective of promoting the baby and nursery products sector in both the UK and Europe.

Acosy Bumpers are also supporters of the `British Made for Quality` ensuring that our products are always of a high quality and standard.

All our foam products are made from COTSAFE FOAM, that’s one of the reasons why our Bumpers and Wedges are as safe as possible for your child’s sleeping environment.

What is NURSERY GRADE foam?

  • Foam that has been manufactured especially for use in babies and children nursery mattresses.
  • Foam that contains no harmful chemicals like Arsenic, Antimonies and Phosphorous.
  • Your child’s current nursery mattress will contain this type of foam.
  • The foam is subjected to rigorous testing that complies with many safety requirements i.e.
  • BS1877 Part 10 for safety and performance; BS7177 for Flammability.

Our Foam Bumpers & Wedges have been designed by Acosy Bumpers with one sole purpose…to provide you with the highest level of safety and quality for your child.

What does this mean for your child?

  • Our foam is specifically designed for use with Babies and young Children
  • It`s the same foam as used in your Babies Mattresses
  • FREE FROM Arsenic, Antimony or Phosphorous
  • Hypo-Allergenic – Foam that’s resistant to bacteria
  • Breathable, Safe and Odourless – Safe to snuggle up against
  • Firm White Foam – Fits discretely under any colour sheet
  • Non –slip textured foam – Helps the foam stay in place whilst your child sleeps
  • Parent & Child friendly – Squidgy enough to sit on for bed time stories or climb over
  • Made in Great Britain – Guarantee continuous high standards

We use only the best suppliers and manufactures in Great Britain, we are 100% UK made so you can be reassured that your child’s Bumper or Wedge will always be of the highest quality.

The Big Bed Bumpers and The Little Bed Bumpers

The Big Bed Bumper – Ideal for single, double & King size beds. The Little Bed Bumper – Ideal for Cot beds, toddler and junior beds.

Designed to prevent your child from rolling out of bed, the soft round curve gives an extra reassuring feel for your child in their transition from a cot to a ‘Big Bed’.

Our Bed Bumper simply sits on the mattress edge and is secured in place by a fitted bottom sheet……….that’s it!! It’s just deep enough to prevent your child from rolling out, soft enough to create ‘A Cosy Bumper’ to roll into, yet friendly enough to clamber over should they need to get out. Our Bumpers will allow you quick access should you need manage a poorly child, or if you need to snuggle in next to them for comfort!

We offer a range of Packs that will save you 10% if you decide to buy more than one Bumper

The Big Bed Mattress Wedge & The Little Bed Mattress Wedge

Shaped wedges of NURSERY GRADE foam comes with a free pillow case style cover, that sit under or on top the mattress to elevate the top end of the sleeping area, providing a better position to ease breathing and congestion. Research has shown that when elevating the head and chest, may help provide a better position to improve airflow and ease congestion.

A positive aid for anyone suffering with respiratory congestion like asthma, reflux or chesty coughs. The Mattress Wedge comes in two sizes for use in a cot, cot bed, junior bed, single bed and even a double bed. Easy & simple to use, just lift the head end of your mattress and slide into position…..that’s it!

The Big Bed Mattress Wedge can also be used to elevate the foot end to help with swollen feet.

Adults can use the wedge directly under the sheet for help with indigestion, reflux and congestion. We do not advise using the wedge in this position for children as your child will not benefit from their own mattress properties i.e COOLMAX material or waterproof covering.

Wall Wedge

Designed to plug that gap between the mattress and the wall. Again, the Wall Wedges are made from NURSERY GRADE foam, they come in a zipped white cover, and very simply to use.

The unique shape pushes down into the gap between you mattress and the wall. Great for stopping night time comforter from disappearing down the side and ultimately under the bed.

The Wall Wedges are sold in a pack of two and can be used in a variety of different ways to give your child protection from the wall side of the bed.

They can also be used on the outside of a cot that’s next to a wall by placing them along the gap to prevent dummies from falling between the bars and subsequently on the floor!

Please visit our gallery to see the many examples of how the wedges can work for you and your child.

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