What’s the difference between “NURSERY GRADE” cot safe foam and ordinary foam?

“NURSERY GRADE” cot safe foam is foam that is specifically designed for use in babies and children mattresses. This foam contains NO Arsenic, NO Phosphorus & NO Antimony which makes it extremely safe for your child’s sleeping area.

Is there any odour?

No, the foam is completely odourless, breathable, and hypo-allergenic.

Will my normal fitted Cot sheet work with the Bumpers?

Yes, it will but the fit will depend on a couple of points;

  • Firstly, if your cot sheets are jersey then these tend to be more accommodating for the Bumper.
  • Secondly, if you are only using 1 Little Bed Bumper this would normally be fine.
  • However, if you are using 2 x Little Bed Bumpers in a cot bed you will need to use an Extra Deep Fitted Cot Sheet. A single fitted bed sheet will work with the two Bumpers but you will need to tuck the extra length of sheet under the mattress at the bottom end.
  • If you have a regular sized cot bed – 140 x 70 cm then our Extra Deep Cot Bed Sheets should fit fine. Our sheets may not fit comfortably on larger size cot beds.

We do recommend using our Extra Deep Fitted Jersey Cot Bed Sheets if you have two Nursery Bumpers covering both sides of your cot bed.

I have single fitted bed sheets, will these work ok?

If you have generous jersey or cotton sheets, and you are using 1 Little Bumper this should normally be ok. We would recommend an Extra Deep Fitted Single Sheets if you are using 2 Bumpers

My single bed is like a tent!

If you have a `tenting` effect this is due to the sheet being too tight. We recommend using an Extra Deep Fitted Sheet.

Why do the Bumpers not have covers?

The texture of the foam allows the Bumper to grip onto the sheet and be held firmly in place on the bed. A cover would prevent this from staying in place.

I have bought your Extension Bumper and it’s too small?

The Extension Bumper is half the size of the long Bumper and is normally used in conjunction with the Little or Big Bed Bumper to extend the protection along the mattress edge.

My 2 year old is just coming out of his cot, what should I buy for his cot bed?

The Little Bed Bumper is perfect for this size bed, we also sell Extra Deep Fitted Sheets to accommodate either 1 or 2 Bumpers.

What’s the difference between the Little Bed Bumper and the Big Bed Bumper?

  • The Little Bed Bumper  is 100cm long and 13cm high, this is best suited for: Cot Bed, Small Single beds, Caravan, Camping, & Travelling.
  • The Big Bed Bumper  is 100cm long and 15.5 high, this is best suited for: Single Beds, Junior Beds, Extendible Beds, and Double Beds.

I am staying at grandma’s house and need a bumper suitable for a double bed?

We would recommend using 2 of our Big Bed Bumpers. You can buy these as our Cygnet pack which will save you 10%.

I am pregnant with swollen feet, could I use a wedge at the foot end of my bed?

Yes, the Single Bed Mattress Wedge is a perfect aid for this problem, just place the wedge at the foot end of the mattress either directly under the sheet or under the mattress to reduce the swelling.

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