How to Use

Bed Bumpers

  • Fit your bottom sheet at the head end over the mattress first.
  • Place the Bumper on your mattress near the edge with the curve side facing your child. If you have the extension just place this next to the long Bumpers and both will grip together.
  • Gently pull the fitted sheet over the Bumper, ensuring the Bumper is secured in place by the sheet on the side you wish to protect.
  • You may have a little bit of `tenting’ but once your child lays on the bed this will encourage the sheet to grip the Bumpers and should flatten down. If the sheet is very tight you may require a large sheet.

And that’s it!!

Mattress Wedges

  • Lift the mattress on the bed and place the Wedge directly on the base
  • Lower the mattress.
  • You should see a gently incline in the mattress.
  • Can be used directly under sheet to raise pillows for adults.

Wall Wedge

  • For filling the gap around the outside of a COT, place the Wall Wedge – narrow end in first; between the wall and outside bars of the cot. If the gap is too large then you will need to piggy back the Wall Wedges to make them thicker. See gallery pictures.
  • For filling the gap between a Cot Bed, Single Bed or Double Bed mattress and a wall, push the wedge gently into the gap to make a snug plug around the wall edge of your bed.
  • For preventing the duvet from slipping off the bed place the Wall Wedge into the gap ensuring you have the duvet slightly tucked down the side of the wall.
  • For filling an extra-large gap (due to protruding radiators) place the widest part of the wall wedge in the gap first, hold this with one hand whilst placing the narrow part of the other wedge behind the wedge in the opposite hand, then gently push the two wedges down into the gap until they fit snug. You may require 4 Wall Wedges, that’s 2 packs, if you want to plug a gap that’s longer than 60cm.
  • Each wedge is 60cms long, so for the normal size gap you will require 1 pack to cover a length of 120cm.

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