Thank you Acosy Bumpers for my order arrived today and ready to go for my little one. 
The Big Bed Cygnet Pack – Christina from Berkshire – August 2016 

This item really surprised me, I thought it would just be held in by the fitted sheet, but it creates a friction with the surface which keeps it stuck in place with minimal weight on it. They’re really lightweight, perfect size for camp beds, less intrusive into the room space in comparison to the net alternatives and can be removed in less than a minute. Highly recommended!

The Little Bed Bumper – Cathy from London – August 2016

“G loves his new bed now and I’m not worried about him falling out. Fantastic product. I will definitely be recommending, its been brilliant and the one I bought for mums works really well and its a much higher single bed. we will also be taking it away with us in a few weeks. Thank you so much”

The Big Bed Tadpole Pack – Jenny & G from Berkshire, January 2016

“Good seller, great price, speedy delivery, keeps my grandson in bed perfect”

The Big Bed Bumper – eBay customer – Manchester, December 2015

“I really didn’t think these would work. But they do!”

The Little Bed Bumper – eBay customer – London, December 2015 

“Recommended, genuine seller. Excellent for baby reflux. Very fast delivery. A***”

The Little Bed Mattress Wedge – eBay customer – Coventry, October 2015

“Great product,my son loves it as he is still in his big bed but feels safe”

The Little Bed Bumper – eBay customer – Brighton, October 2015 

“My 2 year old was really suffering from a lot of bad colds and coughs during her first year of nursery. At that age there is not a great deal a Dr or parent can do to help, we found that we just had to see it through. This was really tough because she was coughing herself awake most nights. We tried propping her up with adult sizes pillows but that resulted in some awkward sleeping positions for her. The Acosy Mattress Wedge was a real genuine revelation, it solved all our problems. It helps with her cough as she is slightly raised and sleeps in a much more comfortable sleeping position. She sleeps better, therefore I do to! Thanks Acosy!”

The Little Bed Mattress Wedge, Tom (A well rested Parent!) 27th April 2015

“I have to say, the Bumpers for the Cot-bed is perfect. We have tried so many different contraptions to stop our small explorer falling out of his bed whilst asleep, they either failed or were just too hard and bulky and we hated them. He hasn’t tumbled out of bed yet and it’s so lovely we can snuggle up next to him for bed time stories. Thank you so much, I just wish I have found you 6 months ago”.

The Little Bed Bumper, Gemma & Sonny (2yrs 5mths), 10th February 2014

“Yay, it worked, she has stayed in her bed all night on her own – Thank you. I think it looks so much nicer than a normal bed rail we had on our son’s
bed. I have friends who have asked where they are from and counldnt recommend your bumpers and sheets enough”.

Piglet Pack (x2 Little Bed Bumpers + Cot-bed sheet), Claire & Gracie (Clyde), 3rd May 2014

“Thanks very much. My daughter absolutely loves her big girls’ bed and new found independence! The bumpers are working really well. Thanks again”.

The Big Bed Bumper, Becky (Surrey), 4th April 2014

“My little girl was such a good sleeper and so I was quite apprehensive about moving her from her cot into her big bed at two and a half. I had my childhood bed that was slightly bigger than a single for her to move into. I asked Vikki from Acosy Bumpers for some advice on which bumpers to use and she was fab! She responded really quickly and I had my products promptly. The bumpers make my daughter’s bed so cosy and have made the transition so smooth from cot to bed. I wouldn’t be without them. Thank you so much!”

Cygnet Pack (x2 Big Bed Bumpers), Faye & J (Oxford), April 2014

“I bought these wedges for myself & my disabled wife who suffers with chronic Asthma. We have a standard double bed and were looking for something other than more pillows or mechanical beds to prop her up in bed. We were recommended by a family friend that there were wedges for this, so I googled ‘bed wedges’ and were delighted to come across Acosy Bumpers. The wedges are a god send as they were not expensive, no electronic mechanisms, light weight and easy to use. One thing we like about the wedge is when my wife needs to sit up more we can use 2 wedges together and her normal pillow. Wonderful simple idea. Thank you”

The Big Bed Mattress Wedge x2, Mr Beale. (West Midlands), January 2014

“fab item my little boy loves his bed roll ! 🙂 fast postage thank you x”

The Little Bed Bumper, Guildford

“fast delivery – very good product which does the job – would recommend”

The Little Bed Bumper, Newport

“Super fast delivery!! Thank you!! Love it!!”

Duckling Pack, West Yorkshire

“Love this. Absolutely brilliant. Many thanks x”

The Little Bed Bumper

“Perfect! Used this for baby to sleep in caravan. Kept him safe and snug. A +++”

The Little Bed Bumper

“Thank you for fast delivery. Very good product. It actually works! !”

The Little Bed Bumper

“Brilliant product..stays where it should all night!”

The Big Bed Bumper

“Great item, great communication, very honest service, highly recommend. Thanks”

The Little Bed Bumper

“Lovely item, fits perfectly on cot bed over bumpers. Thanks”

Extra Deep Fitted Cot-bed Sheet

“Thanks arrived very fast .Great service. Wee boy happy now in big bed.”

The Little Bed Piglet Pack

“Excellent product great fit for a static caravan Will use again highly recommend”

The Little Bed Bumper

“Fantastic product a real godsend thanks”

The Little Bed Starter Pack

“Item certainly gave my son confidence to sleep in bed from his cot”

The Little Bed Piglet Pack

“quick delivery, little one sleeping like a dream :)”

The Little Bed Bumper

“Lovely, personal, helpful, efficient service – can’t recommend highly enough! :)”

The Big Bed Bumper

“Vclever simple design.My son cant fall out but can climb out which is perfect.”

The Little Bed Piglet Pack

“Brilliant deal, and my little boy hasn’t fallen out of bed for a whole week!”

The Little Bed Piglet Pack

“Arrived quickly will work well for my son who is a restless sleeper”

The Big Bed Bumper

“Excellent! Just what we were after and the best price around :)”

The Big Bed Bumper

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