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The safer, cosier alternative to traditional bed guards

Everyone wants to feel safe in their bed at night. For some people that means making sure that all the doors are locked and the windows are shut, or that the alarm is set before they head upstairs.

But for others, feeling safe in bed means knowing they can’t come to any harm. That they (or their loved ones) can move and roll in their sleep without the risk of falling to the floor and injuring themselves. Whether that’s a child rolling out of bed in their sleep, or a parent with Parkinson’s who might suffer sleep-related injury if they should fall out of bed - a bed bumper can protect them when they need it most.

Our bed bumpers are the perfect solution for children, adults and those with special needs who need some extra support to stay safe at night. Made from 100% British cot-safe foam, our bumpers are soft, lightweight, breathable and comfortable, so your loved one can enjoy a cosy night’s sleep, whatever their age. With no harsh chemicals and no complicated fixtures or fittings, your bumper will be the only bed guard you ever need! Simply slip the bumper under the fitted sheet, and you’re all set. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been so simple.



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