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Acosy Bumpers

The safer, cosier alternative to traditional bed guards

Our Award Winning bed bumpers are the perfect solution for children, adults and those with special needs who need some extra support to stay safe at night. Made from 100% British cot-safe foam, our bumpers are soft, lightweight, breathable and comfortable, so your loved one can enjoy a cosy night’s sleep, whatever their age. With no harsh chemicals and no complicated fixtures or fittings, your bumper will be the only bed guard you ever need! Simply slip the bumper under the fitted sheet, and you’re all set. Getting a good night’s sleep has never been so simple.

What sets us apart from our competitors?

Acosy Bumpers are committed to producing bumpers to the highest quality possible. Our foam is manufactured in the UK to ensure that it meets the highest standards for safety. The foam we use is as safe as the mattress your baby sleeps on.  

Acosy Bumpers are committed to sustainability, we offer a completely free recycling service for all our foam products. 

All our bumpers are now supplied with a washable bamboo cover. 

We may not be the cheapest product on the market but we are the safest. 



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