Getting a decent night’s sleep can be a challenge for children and adults who are vulnerable, who have additional needs or need a little assistance. Night-time can be disturbed by anything from tremors to thrashing, night-terrors or general sleep difficulties that often accompany special needs children. But they need good quality sleep just like everyone else, which is why creating a safe sleeping space is so important.

For many, traditional bed guards have proven to be too difficult to use, too large to fit in the space or even too dangerous to install – especially if the person is prone to thrashing or hitting out in their sleep, since metal rails could cause injury. But the Acosy Bumpers are a soft, gentle way to keep children and adults with additional needs safe in their beds. They are easy to install, won’t cause injuries and will stay secure once in place, making sure your loved one will sleep soundly throughout the night.

Assisted Living Aids for Children

Creating a safe sleeping space for an additional needs child can be a challenge. Whether you’re using it at home, on holiday, in a caravan or at Grandma’s, you can all sleep peacefully knowing that your little one will be safe and cosy all night long. Our cosy bed bumpers have been specifically designed to turn any bed into a safe and secure space for your child. It’s a simple, portable and affordable solution for any special needs child to help them stay in bed, wherever they are.

Assisted Living for Adults

There are a lot of reasons adults can struggle to stay in bed during the night. From general sleep problems to degenerative conditions like Parkinson’s, through to us wanting to stay safe at an age where falling out of bed could cause serious injuries. The Acosy bumpers are the perfect alternative to an adult bed rail, creating a secure barrier that keeps vulnerable adults safe and in a comfortable position in bed, without getting in the way during the day. The Acosy bumpers are discreet, and not so tall that you can’t climb over it.



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