Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

We often get asked questions relating to our products, even though this info is available within the website we thought we would compile a few and share them with you all in one place. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to let us know, we are so passionate about what we do and love talking about it!



Q. What is the difference between Baby/Child Safe Foam and ordinary furniture foam?

A. Baby/child Safe Foam is specifically designed for use in babies & children’s mattresses. The foam is manufactured using no harmful ingredients such as Arsenic, Phosphorus or Antimony, which can be found in ordinary furniture foam. (therefore, ours are a little more expensive than other bumpers that can be found on the market.)


Q. Can the foam bumper & cover be washed?

A. Yes, the bumpers can be washed, this can be done either by using a damp clean cloth or under a tap or shower head. A mild non-bio detergent can be used – rinse thoroughly and leave to air dry. The Bamboo Cover – can be washed at 40° and tumble dry on low.


Q. Which size should I go for?

A. If you have a standard single bed which is next to a wall, we recommend using:

1 Universal Bumper, this bumper will protect one side of the mattress.


If your bed is in the centre of a room (not directly next to a wall) we would recommend using:

2 Universal Bumpers therefore protecting both sides of the bed. If your bed is an electric or profiling bed or double, King or queen size bed these recommendations are the same.


Q. How safe is the foam?

A. The foam we use is the same type of foam which can be found in a baby’s cot/cot bed mattress. Meaning – during the manufacturing process no nasty chemicals or toxins are used. Our foam complies with all BS fire & safety standards. The foam is also breathable, hypoallergenic - relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and resistant to bacteria growth therefore safe enough for a child to snuggle up against. If you would like a full copy of the foam’s details, please email us for all info.


Q. Do you ship overseas?

A. Yes, we ship all over the globe. If you live in a remote part of the world – please let us know and we can arrange this for you. We only use reliable, trusted carries to deliver your bumpers – DPD, Royal Mail, Parcel force, DHL and UPS


Q. Does the foam smell?

A. No, the foam is completely odourless and breathable. 


Q. We’re going on holiday with the family, how can I take the bumper with us?

A. Our foam bumpers are extremely versatile, flexible and durable. Benefiting from memory foam properties the bumpers can be folded and placed in a bag or suitcase. The bumpers are extremely lightweight so won’t make much difference to flying weights. The foam is also suitable to be vacuumed to reduce the space even further (these vacuum bags can be purchased from JML, IKEA, Dunelm etc)

Alternatively – if you informed us of your destination address (UK or worldwide – delivery charges would apply according to the location) we can send the bumper(s) there prior to your holiday – if you are interested in this, please get in touch.


Q. Will my normal fitted sheet work or do I need a bigger one?

A. Yes. But it will depend on a few points:

                Jersey sheets are stretchy, so may fit better than say, a cotton sheet.

                ♥ How thick your mattress is. If you have a very thick mattress your normal sheet may

                    struggle to hold the bumper in place without tenting or pinging off around the corners.

                ♥ we would most definitely recommend purchasing a deep fitted sheet (we stock these

                  sheets in all bed sizes) if you are purchasing 2 bumpers or an XL pack  

                ♥ You could always try a bigger sheet, for example: If you have a cot bed you could use a

                  single bed sheet. For a single bed you could use a double fitted sheet. For a double bed

                    you could use a king size sheet and tuck the excess sheet under the mattress.      


Q. My single bed is like a tent, what should I do?

A. If you have a ‘tenting’ effect with your bed sheet, it could indicate your sheet is too tight. This is when you could try a bigger sheet or purchase an extra deep fitted one. That said… the sheet does need to be on the tighter side(it may depend on what fabric your sheet is made from) if you have tried a bigger sheet, once your child or loved is in bed this should pull the sheet down into place and hold the bumper snug in place which is the concept of the bumper not having any fixtures or fittings.    


Q. Do I need to use the cover on the bumper?

A. No. the bumpers are perfectly safe to use without a cover and still work as intended. Its just like a pillowcase, you can take it off to wash or replace. (we also sell extra covers on our website)  


Q. Can I use the bumpers in my son’s cot?

A. NO! Even though there is no minimum age we do we do not recommend using the bumpers in a cot with sides still in place. When babies get to the stage where they become a little more inquisitive and adventurous & begin pull themselves up on the sides of the cot rails, having the bumpers in their cot may encourage children to climb out which is dangerous leading to injury.

If they are showing signs of trying to get out this is a good indication, they are ready to move to their big bed.



Q. What is the difference between the Transitional and Universal bumpers?

A. The only real difference between the 2 bumpers are the Transitional Bumpers are slightly narrower than the Universal Bumpers – The Transitional Bumpers are designed to fit in a cot bed (without sides) being narrower by 3cm means they take up less space on a smaller mattress, leaving more room for your little one. Our Universal Bumpers are obviously slightly bulkier – to use on a bigger mattress area like a single bed, double or king etc. Both Bumpers are 100cm long, although we have extension bumpers which are in the XL packs, extending the length to 150cm on the Universal Bumpers and 140cm for the Transitional Bumpers. Both size bumpers offer the same great benefits and qualities.


The differences:

Transitional Bumpers

♥ slightly narrower to fit in smaller beds like - cot beds (without sides), camping/caravan beds, toddler beds.

♥ Ideal for travel – light weight, portable & come with a free plastic storage bag.

♥ XL pack = 140cm (2 bumpers in a pack 100 & 40cm) – which covers the entire length of a cot bed mattress.


Universal Bumpers

♥ Are 3cm wider than the transitional bumpers – designed for all ages, bed sizes and types e.g. single, double, king, queen, electric, profiling and hospital beds.

♥ The XL Pack = 150cm (2 bumpers in a pack - 100 & 50cm)– which covers 75% of a standard 190cm bed length.