What makes us different? Well I'm very proud to tell you why!

What makes us different? Well I'm very proud to tell you why!

Here at Acosy Bumpers HQ, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, offering top quality products, giving you up to date info on our bumpers and wedges and from this making sure you get the best out of your Acosy Bumper.

We often get asked “what makes your bumpers different from others on the market”? I’ll start with the main reason…

Our foam is manufactured without the use of chemicals which can be found in other types of foam, such as office chairs, vehicles, trains, planes etc. Chemical components like Lead Barium, Antimony, Arsenic and Phosphates in foam products are safe for humans and the environment but UK regulations and BSI standards require that children’s mattresses are not to be manufactured using these types of chemicals.

Our bumpers DO NOT contain these chemicals. The foam we use does meet the UK fire & REACH regulations for children’s mattresses.

The foam we used is called Polyurethane which is the same foam which new-born babies cot mattresses are made from.

So, in comparison to other bumpers on the market our foam superior to these. Our products maybe a little more expensive but they are of the highest standard in safety and quality.

Another fantastic reason to buy ACOSY is…Not only are our bumpers made with the best foam, they all now come with a soft, waterproof bamboo zip cover. The covers have been designed by us – they fit each bumper perfectly, complimenting every side of the bumper.

The bamboo fabric round the outer sides of the bumper benefits from a waterproof layer. The bottom edge (the side that should sit on the mattress) has a grippy non-slip fabric to give an added grip element to ensure your bumper stays put. Our covers have a concealed zip making covers easy to remove for washing, for added convenience they are also suitable to tumble dry. After listening to feedback and organising 3 separate focus group sessions (with parents, carers, relatives and professionals with nursery and residential backgrounds) The need for a cover was a luxury as well as in some cases essential due to personal medical reasons.


Disposing of the foam was also a topic of conversation in one of our focus group. So once again... Maggie and I put our heads together and came up with the great Eco way of getting rid of your bumper once your child or loved one has outgrown it.

Recycling your household waste, is fast becoming one of the top priorities in UK homes today, we are so much more aware of what we do with our waste, unwanted bits and bobs and where it ends up! We know children’s toys and essentials are used and outgrown of before our very eyes! Unfortunately foam isn’t biodegradable (or not at least at a quick rate) therefore we are offering a FREE collection of your unwanted Acosy Bumper right from your door, we will collect it and send it back to the factory to be recycled in to office chairs, vehicle chairs, plane seats, train seats, packaging foam… the list is endless. If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch and we will arrange a collection. Email me, victoria@acosybumpers.co.uk or call 01183242012

You could always pass your bumper(s) on to a friend or relative who might benefit from using it – extra covers are available to purchase from our website so passing on your unwanted bumper is helping the environment to.


These are just a few points which make our Acosy Bumpers the 1st choice when considering sleep safety and peace of mind for you, your child(ren) or loved one. If you have any questions, we always welcome them and will do our best to reassure you and inform you of all the latest and up to date info.


Thanks for reading.