Frequently asked Questions 

We often get asked questions relating to our products, even though this info is available within the website we thought we would compile a few and share them with you all in one place. If you have any suggestions or questions please feel free to ask, we are so passionate about what we do and love talking about it!

Q. What is the difference between Baby/Child Safe Foam and ordinary furniture foam?

  •  Baby/child Safe Foam is specifically designed for use in babies & children’s mattresses. The foam is manufactured using no harmful ingredients such as Arsenic, Phosphorus or Antimony, which can be found in ordinary furniture foam. (therefore, ours are a little more expensive than other bumpers that can be found on the market.)

Q. Which size bumper should I go for?

For SINGLE, DOUBLE, KING size beds including ELECTRIC & PROFILING beds- 
  • If you have a standard single bed which is next to a wall, we recommend using:  1x Universal Bumper this bumper will protect one side of the mattress.  
  • If your bed is in the center of a room (not directly next to a wall) we would recommend using:  2x Universal Bumpers therefore protecting both sides of the bed. 
  • If you have a double, king or bigger including an electric or profiling bed the recommendations are the same. 
      We also offer a pack with a 50cm extension bumper,  Universal XL pack - this will cover approx 79% of the mattress side.

  • For a 140cm cot bed (without the sides) next to a wall, we recommend 1x Transitional Bumper, if the bed is in the center of a room we would recommend x 2 Transitional Bumpers.
  •  If you want to protect the entire side of a cot bed mattress we offer a pack which includes a 40cm extension bumper - Transitional XL pack  

Q. How safe is the foam?

  •  The foam we use is the same type of foam which can be found in a baby’s cot/cot bed mattress. Meaning – during the manufacturing process no nasty chemicals or toxins are used. Our foam complies with all BS fire & safety standards. The foam is also breathable, hypoallergenic - relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and resistant to bacteria growth therefore safe enough for a child to snuggle up against. If you would like a full copy of the foam’s details, please email us for all info.
BS 1877-10:2011
The specification for safety requirements and test methods regarding domestic bedding with specific specification for mattresses and bumpers for children's cots, perambulators and similar domestic articles.
Relevant link: United Kingdom: BS 1877-10:2011
Published by: The British Standards Institution
BS 7177: BS7177 2008 + A1: 2011
The specification for resistance to ignition of mattresses, divans and bed bases.
Relevant link: United Kingdom: BS 7177:2008
Published by: The British Standards Institution
EN-71-3:2019Safety of toys. Migration of certain elements

Q. Does the foam smell?

  • No, the foam is completely odourless and breathable.

Q. What is the difference between the Transitional and Universal bumpers?

  • The only real difference between the 2 bumpers are the Transitional Bumpers are slightly narrower than the Universal Bumpers – The Transitional Bumpers are designed to fit in a cot bed (without sides) being narrower by 3cm means they take up less space on a smaller mattress, leaving more room for your little one. Our Universal Bumpers are obviously slightly bulkier – to use on a bigger mattress area like a single bed, double or king etc. Both Bumpers are 100cm long, although we have extension bumpers which are in the XL packs, extending the length to 150cm on the Universal Bumpers and 140cm for the Transitional Bumpers. Both size bumpers offer the same great benefits and qualities.
The differences:
Transitional Bumpers
♥ Slightly narrower to fit in smaller beds like - cot beds (without sides), camping/caravan beds, toddler beds.
♥ Ideal for travel – light weight, portable & come with a free plastic storage bag.
♥ XL pack = 140cm (2 bumpers in a pack 100 & 40cm) – which covers the entire length of a cot bed mattress.

Universal Bumpers
♥ Are 3cm wider than the transitional bumpers – designed for all ages, bed sizes and types e.g. single, double, king, queen, electric, profiling and hospital beds.
♥ The XL Pack = 150cm (2 bumpers in a pack - 100 & 50cm)– which covers 79% of a standard 190cm bed length.

Q. Will my normal fitted sheet work or do I need a bigger one?

  • Yes. But it will depend on a few points:
  ♥ Jersey sheets are stretchy, so may fit better than say, a cotton sheet.
  ♥ How thick your mattress is. If you have a very thick mattress your normal sheet may
    struggle to hold the bumper in place without tenting or pinging off around the corners.
  ♥ we would most definitely recommend purchasing a deep fitted sheet (we stock these
    sheets in all bed sizes) if you are purchasing 2 bumpers or an XL pack  
  ♥ You could always try a bigger sheet, for example:
    If you have a cot bed you could use a single bed sheet.
    For a single bed you could use a double fitted sheet.
    For a double bed you could use a king size sheet and tuck the excess sheet under the mattress.    

Q. Can my husband still get out of bed in the night to use the loo? 

  • Yes & No! If you or a relative have good mobility, is able to still get out of bed yet still at risk of falling out of bed then yes,  getting past the bumper shouldn't be a problem. The bumpers are firm but soft enough to clamber over. If the bumper is placed higher up the bed then the user can still get out lower down the bed should they need. 
      If the user has poor mobility, or has no assistance during the night to get out & their risk of falls is increased, our advise would be no - perhaps our bumpers my not be                the right product for them.
      If you would like to know more or have a specific need or requirement please get in touch, we are always happy to answer any questions relating specifically to your             sleeping set up.  

If you have a question please let us know. We are always happy to answer any queries you may have however big or small! Its so important to choose the right bumper for your needs. Please use the email box below to get in touch alternatively use the live chat option.