Assisted Living Bed Guard With Cover


For adults who need additional assistance, or children who have additional needs, staying safe and comfortable in bed at night is very important. Our Assisted Living bed bumpers are ideal for creating that soft safety barrier at the edge of the bed, stopping them from toppling out of bed and keeping them securely in bed all night.

Our assisted living bed guards are lightweight, plain white, and come with a soft bamboo covering, making them a discreet safety net for your family. Because there are no fixtures and fittings involved, it’s easy to remove them and pop them in a cupboard when you have people over, and replace them when it’s time to go to bed. The bumpers are bendable, lightweight and hypoallergenic, and can even be vacuum packed to travel with you. The Assisted living bed guard will fit in any bed, and comes with a durable plastic storage bag and washable cover.

Key Features:

·         LxWxW: 100 x 15 x 16cm

·         Weight: 70g

·         Hand Wash with mild, non-bio detergent leave to air dry

·         Odourless foam

·         Hypoallergenic

·         Resistant to bacteria growth

·         Cover included

(Sold in single units with fitted cover. Accessories not included)

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£4.99 Royal Mail Standard
£9.99 Next Day UK Delivery