Assisted Living Range


Designed for older users living with disabilities who are at risk of falling out of bed.

Ideal for elderly people who need additional assistance, or young adults with additional needs who are at risk of falling out of bed.

Our Assisted Living bed guards are lightweight, pure white, and come with a soft bamboo cover, making them a discreet barrier for all ages & suitable for any size bed including electric beds.

Acosy bumpers are the perfect alternative to an adult bed rail, creating a secure barrier that keeps vulnerable adults safe whilst in bed.

Adults rolling out of bed is more common than you may think & can often cause physical injury as well as increased anxiety & stress, unfortunately safe sleep for older generations is often overlooked. 

Young adults and older people who are at higher risk of falling out of bed can be caused by several reasons; degenerative brain diseases, head injuries, Neurological disorders, medication, disorientation, even just sleeping to close to the edge of the mattress.

Most falls do not result in serious injury however falling out of bed can affect their mental wellbeing, causing the person to lose confidence, adding to stress, anxiety & loss of independence due to being fearful of going to bed thus affecting their sleep quality.

Simple to install - simply lay on the edge of a mattress, under a fitted bottom sheet. The weight of the user will pull the sheet snug holding it in place all night long.
When the bumper is in place under a fitted bottom sheet, there is enough space along the edge of the bed to get out. Once the user is on bed, the sheet will pull the bumper nice and snug holding it place all night long.

For an aging body and mind – sleep is a crucial part of their lives.

Option 1: Assisted Living Bed Guard 100cm - £29.99
Option 2: Extension Bed Guard only 50cm - £10.00
Option 3: Assisted Living & Ext' XL 150cm  - £39.99

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