Cot Bed Mattress Wedge With Cover


Our cot bed mattress wedge is perfect for young children who suffer with colic, reflux, heartburn, indigestion, congestion and asthma, since it provides elevation for the head and chest, with a breathable material. The mattress wedge is made from the highest-quality nursery-grade foam, covered in a hypoallergenic poly-cotton pillowcase that is resistant to bacteria growth, strong and soft.

The cot bed mattress wedge can be placed at the foot or the head of the bed, and can be used alongside bed bumpers for extra protection. It’s ideal for travel too – it’s lightweight, bendable, and can be vacuum packed for easy transport. So even if they’re sleeping at home or at grandmas, they will be able to sleep soundly.

Key Features:

·         HxWxW: 60cm x 45cm x 6cm x 1cm

·         Weight: 45g

·         Hand wash with mild, non-bio detergent, leave to air dry

·         Odourless foam

·         Hypoallergenic

·         Resistant to bacteria growth

(Sold in single units with fitted cover. Accessories not included)

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