Our transitional bumpers have been designed to fit snugly into your child’s cot-bed, toddler or junior bed. Perfect for that transitional period when you aren’t sure if they are old enough for a bigger bed, but they are definitely too big for the cot!

Our foam bumpers are made from high-grade, cot-safe foam (in fact, it’s the same foam your baby’s mattress is made from), which means no harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic material and a superpowered resistance to bacteria growth. They are also super easy to install – just sit the bumper on the edge of the mattress and secure in place with a fitted cot-bed sheet. With a transitional bumper, you and your child can sleep soundly knowing that they can’t easily out of bed and hurt themselves. And an added bonus – the Acosy bumpers actually help teach your child special awareness, so you know they will be able to sleep safely without them in the future too.

Just a note – we don’t suggest you use this in any cot that still has side rails. You don’t want to give your baby a step to help them climb out!

Transitional Bumpers

Our transitional bumpers are perfect for cot beds, toddler beds, or even co-sleeping with your child (you can find some advice on safely co-sleeping here Our transitional bumpers come in a variety of options, from a single bumper to use with a bed against a wall, bumper extensions for longer beds, up to a full starter set with two bumpers, bumper cover and an extra deep fitted sheet to hold everything in place. All using our unique, super soft-and-safe Acosy foam bed bumper, you’ll be able to sleep easy knowing your child is safe in their bed.

Little Bed Mattress Wedges

The product that started it all. Our range of mattress elevation wedges are designed to raise the head end of the mattress, allowing your child to sleep comfortably in a gently elevated position. We’ve found these work wonders for children with asthma, colic or chronic sinus infections, as the raised position promoted better airflow to the respiratory tract and can help with the drainage of nose and ears too.

Bumper Covers

Our bumpers don’t require any fixtures or fittings – just an extra-deep fitted sheet to keep it all in place, without a cover. But for many, a cover can be incredibly useful and comforting. Our bumper covers are made of a soft bamboo fabric, come with a waterproof and slip proof backing, hypoallergenic and washable material. And with a beautiful bamboo pattern, they provide you with a soft, washable cover that protects your bumper while it protects your child.



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