Our universal bed guards have been designed to fit all sizes of standard bed, from single through to King and Queen size. They are a comfortable, discreet and versatile alternative to bed guards, keeping you safe as you sleep without the hassle of bulky permanent railings. Whether you need support for a child just moving into an adult bed, or an adult who needs a bit of extra security at night, the universal bed bumper is the perfect solution to keep you safe and cosy for a good night’s sleep.

Our universal bumpers are lightweight and easy to install, so they can travel with you wherever you go. This makes visiting family, going on holidays or staying in hotels a simpler and safer experience. Just pop your bumper in its plastic bag and clip, pack it in your suitcase and you’re ready to go! The bumper can be fitted onto any bed at any time, so children and adults who need that little extra support can feel safe, no matter where they’re sleeping.

The Universal Guard

A single universal bed bumper designed to sit on the edge of the mattress and secured with a fitted sheet. The adult bed guard is perfect for any adult who needs protection from rolling out of bed, but shares their bed with another person. The bed guard can fit securely and discreetly to one side of the bed, so you don’t need to buy a special bed or install complicated railings on one side. They are plain white, easy to use and easy to pop in the back of a cupboard when people come over. Perfect for any bed against a wall, or a shared bed.

Why Not Double Up?

Our twin packs of adult foam bed guards are ideal if you need more protection during the night. The bumpers can be placed on both sides of the mattress, of one can be placed in the middle of a double (or bigger) bed to help create a secure and comfortable sleeping space for a vulnerable adult. Plus, buying a twin pack saves you money!

Bumper Cover

The Acosy bed bumpers are designed to fit directly underneath a fitted sheet and grip the mattress securely, with no need for extra securing or fastening. But we understand that you might want something that looks a little more exciting than plain foam – which is why we created our bumper cover. This cover is made from super-soft hypoallergenic bamboo, complete with a waterproof, non-slip backing and bamboo pattern. These covers simply slide over the bumper and give you a soft, fabric casing, without sacrificing grip or safety.



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